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Am I welcome?

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Default Am I welcome?

Hello all i would like to say hello first, IM Martin From albany new york.

Previos WRX owner. (Minor mods) mostly sus/tires/wheels/brakes.ends.lats,trailing.
Never exhaust

First i would like to just ask a question. Do saab owner's of the higher breed Look down on Us 92x-aero buyers? Hope not. My last forum i belonged to called me a traitor, and started pissing on saab loggin (smilies).

From the moment that i purchased my 2002 wrx i had nothing hassle with subaru. EVERYTHING was eventually fixed. Now owning a wrx i wont lie i normally drove it 60 70% effiency. Raced on highway on occasion. Never dragged or launched.

Myself I am very very proud of atm. See awhile back when i got out of the military i had alot of debt and couldn't find a job really in real world once i got out. was in navy sf. Budweiser attained in san deigo. Pensacola SERE school. Due to payments amounts financila advisors. Interest rates i had to claim bankrupcy.

I 0wed 15 k still on my wrx and was valued at 10k. Due to the residual balance on a new car loan i couldn't afford another WRX obviosly. OR a ****ING yugo for that matter. 10k car. on a 17 k loan i think not. I SO LOVED my WRX. i made movies about her and have pictures everywhere i go. I talked to her Called her Veronica and hugged her the night before i got rid of her and CRIED> STill teared as i saw her on highway ill explain in a minute.

Obviosly i took advantage of the discount. I tried looking everywherein the northeast for a 92x AERO. only auto matic was found. and linear upstate new york. I was stressing for two day s BAD. Finally I called Patricia at a saab dealership. SHe had none in stock but as im on the phone with her. she says a delivery truck is pulling in and wasn't expecting a delivery. Turns out TWO aeros were acidentically sent to the wrong dealership and had to be send back to her. and i called right as they arrived. Man could you imagine how i felt. everthing was comming together for me. I went up ther after work Drove 130 miles and Fell in love with her. heated. leather. hid, AND A WRX SPIRIT. When i sat inside her i instantly felt Veronica and looked across the lot at her. I did some paper work and went home to pick her up the next day. Yesturday.

My Experience with sales at dealerships has never been easy/streesfree. Subaru had a sales guy who stoled my wrx before i bought it the night before and took it up north . had another 60 miles on it.??!! WTF. (LIke i sad before SUBARU repaired the issue). I would just like to say I really liked the bottle of RED WINE I got from them for purcahasing the car. ( i like red wine). HANds down best SERVICE I have EVER been confronted with.

SO after i buy her and get breakfast with wifey and kid we take off back to new york. On teh highway>>LMAO i see this big *** and wing in front of me. I KNOW THAT WING I THINK to myself. COme up along side it. and boy WHAT A BEAUTIFUL car i had. STI fog lamp covers looked beautiful. From the fast lane i stared at her threw the view finder. a tear came to my eye as i continued to watch her drift away from me. Her spirit transfered as i passed my view to the dash and interior.(Being a archie fan) wrx veronica/ 92x BETTY. Looks like betty got archie*S*
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Default RE: Am I welcome?

i dont think that anyone is looked down upon here, and if you find some evidence of that, let me know rigth away! welcome to the forum!!
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