Abandoned by Saab?

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Default Abandoned by Saab?

Abandoned by Saab? Hi all, my name is Francisco Rivera. I've been a Saab fan since I was a teenager. In July 08, 2008 I bought a brand new 2007 Saab 9-3 2.0T after trading in my 2006 Ford Fusion V6 SEL. Oh my God, I was so happy to finally have a Saab. Unfortunately, what a nightmare it has been.

Since the second week of having the car, the navigation system stopped working. The car has had a ton of problems since then. From the air conditioning unit not working, to HID lights burning off, to squeaky seats and brakes. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. The worst problems I have had are the car stalling twice while on the highway and having an intermittent problem with the car not wanting to start.

The car has been to the service center in many occasions because of the stalling and starting up problems. The first time the car went to the service department for the stalling and start up problem, I was told that the mechanics were not able to duplicate the problem. The second time they reprogrammed the computer. The third time they found that the fuel pressure regulator was not working adequately so they changed it. The fourth time it was the fuel pump. I have taken the car a few more times because of the same problem and they keep telling me that they have not been able to duplicate the problem.

Is that it? No. About two weeks ago, the SID began reporting that the Anti-Theft System was not working properly. Three days later the driver's side passenger door window stopped working along with the electrical lock system. The car is back at the service department.

So, now what? Since there is no lemon law for cars in Puerto Rico, I proceeded to file a claim at the Department of Consumer Affairs to have my lease contract canceled or have the car bought back by the dealer given all the problems I have had with it, with only 13,650 miles on it. The dealer is willing to try and repair the problems the car might have except for the intermittent stalling and start up problems since they have not been able to duplicate the problem.

The service department manager recommended for me to call Saab to see what they were willing to do to help me out. So, I called, and what a disappointment. I was told by a Saab representative that, since there are no remaining official Saab dealers, they were not able to help me out. That any claim I had was to be handled through General Motors. So, I called General Motors and they told me that any claim related with Saab had to be handled via Saab. I was over one and a half hour on the phone speaking with both Saab and GM representatives with the same outcome.

I'm stuck with a car with problems that the service department from what used to be a Saab dealer until 2008 can't fix and with Saab not wanting to help me out. And to think that I wanted to buy a 2010 9-5...

Francisco Rivera
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Sorry to hear you're having such problems, but unfortunately I don't even know how to be of help here. Try writing to Saab now, since it's under new ownership... may be they will be willing to help now that the deal is done.
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the problems you are having are due to saab being under gm managment they screw up everything they touch. roto i dont think spyker will care about gm's backlog of recalls and problems nor will they have enough money to do anything about it if they did care. spyker only has 2 years worth of funds to try to get saab out of the hole and up and running, while spyker themselfs are having funding issues. although every night i pray that they do well and rerelease a new enduro 900 and everything has a happy ending, i still have a gut feeling that they will fail and saab will go back to gm or just be liquidated.
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I'm an optimist.
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