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help 01 saab 9-3 turbo loss of iol pressure and developed a tick where to start >

help 01 saab 9-3 turbo loss of iol pressure and developed a tick where to start

help 01 saab 9-3 turbo loss of iol pressure and developed a tick where to start

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Question help 01 saab 9-3 turbo loss of iol pressure and developed a tick where to start

i bought a 01 saab 9-3 turbo 5 door hatch 166.000miles from a buddy that didnt know anything about cars

at first all was well with slight oil leak where the turbo went into the top of the engine. only a problem under heavy load where it sprayed onto the cat and caused smoke .

oil pressure light would also come on after a good run on a twisty rd i would refill with fresh oil 5/30 synthetic and continue with no further issue

__________________________________________________ __________
got to replacing stuff and testing codes
__________________________________________________ __________

pvc vent bushing was missing so i replaced that

got engine tested

1312 a faulty coil or missed spark
----i replaced the plugs with pulstar plugs gaped at spec from pulstar rep at 25/1000 in
about 70 miles ago ran great after

1110 bypass valve
i replaced 3 crusty missing vacuum hoses going to the bypass valve
this helped the car by making the engine run top notch gaining boost pressure in half the time it took before car gained around 40hp that day or felt like it
150miles ago ran 30% stronger with more responsiveness

1334- crank position censer
code went away after fixing bypass valve
only driven 30 miles since engine codes reset

__________________________________________________ _
0442-Emissions leak
__________________________________________________ _
also went away with bypass valve hoses
also only 30 miles with no light since code reset

__________________________________________________ ______
my real problem now is after getting codes to clear and turbo was correctly working i had a total loss of oil pressure and i pulled over filled it up noticed more oil than normal underneath

went to take off and noticed a lack of power and a slight tick
limped it to a friends house 2 miles away tick now has doubled in loudness
had it towed home yesterday yaaa AAA gold now its sitting in my driveway waiting for parts but where do i start

where do i start


#1 go strait for head gasket kit

Head Gasket Set
(includes valve seals) Elring W0133-1940289 $128.98

hope i dont need this option but what else do i need to replace in the process of the head gasket replacement
seal kit
new head bolts
new exauest bolts
serpentine belt
oil pump ?
water pump?
timing chain?
timing chain pullies?

#2 take off oil pan and check bottom bearings

#3 PCV Valve Oil Trap- separator kit
Crankcase Ventilation Renovation Kit This Kit contains: 1-Oil Trap, 1-Oil Filler Pipe, 1-Nipple, Insulation, 2- Hose Kits, 1-Bushing and 2-Cable Ties. 7-pc. Repair Kit

just ordered this part from ebay
oil separator hoses were collapsing in on themselves had to order

__________________________________________________ _________________-
i want to find tick asap and seal up the engine. im not scarred to do the work just scarred to start without the right parts to reassemble

any suggestions sorry about long winded question but wanted to eliminate a few responses before they popped up

thank you and have a great day

thanks for reading i don't type much but i tried sorry if there are any errors in spelling or punctuation

im a racer not a poet

i ordered seals for the forced air delivery pipe

ordered valve cover gasket and gonna dive into the top end in the morning see what is ailing it wish me luck still looking for input

i need the car for work and need it for sure by next week the 21st i have to be on the opposite side of the state and have no ride any help would be praised and advice researched and done if possible

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