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Possible 9-5 Purchase - any tips?

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Possible 9-5 Purchase - any tips?

Ladies and Gents,

I'm looking at buying a low mileage Saab, probably 2009ish and a 1.9TiD 9-5. I've never owned one before and am absolutely not a mechanic. I'm attracted by the build quality and slightly unusual style but have been wondering about a few things before I take the plunge...

1. The 1.9TiD looks like the best choice engine but what sort of improvement would remapping or chipping it give to
a. acceleration
b. fuel economy. Around 40mpg (imperial) looks to be about average on the 9-5.

2. Is a very low-mileage model a good idea given the propensity for particulate filter clogging and sludge build up?
3. I think Saabs generally last many years. Is it better to favour a younger car or a lower mileage model?
4. Is parts availability a problem? From what I hear, the horror stories are unfounded...

Many thanks for any tips...


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