2007 9-3 Aero rough idle

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Default 2007 9-3 Aero rough idle

I bought a used 2007 9-3 aero this summer and it's turned out to be something of a lemon...

It's got a few bad symptoms, but the cluster of symptoms that I feel may be all related and most urgent, I will describe here:

Current Symptoms, and past:
-a really bad rough idle every few start ups. The rpms drop maybe to about 500 at times. Sometimes if I am stopped with my foot is on the break, it feels like it wants to budge forwards. It often follows with a CEL and code for turbo bypass. I feel like this is completely misleading though....turbo has had three new parts added to it and the problems have only gotten worse.
-there is quick venting noise that is heard, towards the passenger side of engine bay, right after rough idle/rpm drop moment ends
-car has just started stalling only recently after start up, if the rough idle is really bad (temperatures have risen about 15C also lately)
-*I think this rough idle rarely happens on start up when the engine is actually "cold". Say I drive the car around during the day, leave it, then drive it again. The engine is probably warm to some extent. When I come back to start it, this is when it gets all weird and starts to idle really bad. Or if I just leave it out during a warm day and then start it up. On the other hand, if I start the car in the morning when it is around 0C outside, the engine idles well at around 1500RPM. I can feel very small blips, but nothing serious. Then after a minute or so, RPMs drop, it seems ok, and I drive off.
-similar to the last point, I think warmer weather makes the car worse. In the summer when temperature was getting over 24C, I noticed there were more issues, sometimes thought it might fall apart on me.
Recently the temperatures have spiked, and the frequency of these rough idles have increased, and the car starts stalling.
-on a really hot july day, I had it parked in the sun all day. I started it up and smelled burnt rubber. No smoke was seen. The car drove for 500m with big throbs of struggle, then everything got better...
-particularly on first start in the morning, when the engine is actually cold, the first couple minutes of accelerating produces high RPMs, but I'm getting noticeably less speed
-feel hesitation/mild jerkiness at higher rpm just about when gear is going to change (40-70km/h is when I can notice at least). Or when I take my foot off gas, it feels like it abruptly reduces power
-I also notice that when the idle is rough, the interior lights flicker..and flicker much worse as the rough idle gets worse
-Also, not sure if related but the muffler often gives off ringing noise after start that goes away once driven a few min
-also get once a month or so the traction control error, and leaves within a day
-the navigation display sometimes decides to show a compass, and some days it doesnt :S. Generally that navigation system seems a little bit buggy when it is setting up when I start the car.
-final note, I think if I drive the car hard one day, it may increase the likelihood of problems within next 2 days.

I know some of this may be vague, or maybe non-relevant, but just trying to provide all the info I can.

Dates of codes recorded, service, and parts
Replaced wastegate control kit (part - wastegate control valve)

ME9 PO 236 - charge air absolute pressure sensor
ME9 PO 305 – cyl 5 misfire
ME9 PO 300 – random misfire
ME9 P2261 – turbobypass valve mechanical failure
ME9 PO 234 – turbocharger overboost detected
ESP CO131 08 – pressure sensor circuit, signal not plausible?

Replaced sparkplugs, updated, and coil.
Replaced charge air sensor

Replaced tank, section in fuel pump (part - fuel pump assembly from xwd), Code - POO98 00
Replaced brake booster pipe (part - vacuum pipe/switch brake boost)

-turbo bypass code
-and another part with regards to the turbo...a "flap" i think not sure really, don't have invoice

Only data is that the car has started to stall, and CEL has come on once - haven't checked it, nor do I have a reader.
videos of muffler ringing

video of it stalling
-car is parked, nobody in it. When this happens, the car can get shaky and rpms drop
-note the venting noise coming from passenger side of engine bay

Anybody's input for solving this problem is greatly appreciated as I'm getting really desperate at this point. I can provide more info if needed!

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