99 9-3 At a complete loss!

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Default 99 9-3 At a complete loss!


I posted the thread below a few weeks back. Based on very kind feedback on the forum, I had the mechanic change the crank sensor (he apparently didn't test it first). No change, down $300 more. Other forum members have mentioned purge valve, catalytic converter and fuel filter. He's checked all of them, and doesn't think they're the problem. At a loss, he changed the computer today (FINALLY didn't charge me). Again, no change.

His current theory is that it's an electrical problem because when the car dies, it just dies - it's like you've turned the key off. However, he's checked the wiring pretty thoroughly and sees no corrosion.

My mechanic is at a loss and so am I. Any help?

Thanks, Richard - Old post here:

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I have a 1999 Saab 9-3 standard transmission with 150,000 miles. The problem is that, when driving, the car will start to shudder, then lose power, then stall. It will start back up right away, but the problem will re-occur - and quicker this time. Eventually, after several re-starts, the car will die immediately upon starting.

If I try to start it the next day, it may be fine or the problem may occur again. There does not appear to be any commonality for when the problem occurs. I can be driving along in 5th gear and it will happen, it may happen after downshifting, etc. - basically any time.

The first mechanic replaced the ignition cassette (for $600). That didn't help. He then replaced the map sensor (for $200). Still not fixed. Several people told me that it sounded like the clutch was going. I took it to another mechanic who replaced the clutch ($1400 - and he didn't bother to test drive it first). Not fixed. He checked the fuel pressure and said it was fine. Crank sensor appears to be all-right.

I have now spent $2200 NOT fixing this problem and basically have an inoperable vehicle. Does anyone have any ideas what this might be?

Many thanks,
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Well have no idea where that reply came from. Try asking on SAAB Central you'll probably get a fast reply on there. The people in that forums help me out quickly when i ask questions.
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Default Direct Ignition

Read up on direct ignition systems for saabs. I am almost 100% this is your problem because the same thing happened to my 2000 Saab 9-3 but i took it o the dealership immediately and the problem was solved. The part is anywhere from 350-450 dollars depending on where you get it from. Hope this helps.
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