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error code p1110

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06-03-2010, 06:37 PM   #1  
error code p1110

I have a saab 9-5 2.3 liter wagon, year = 2001.

Today my check engine light came on so I checked the error code with my fathers canOBD2 tool. It gave me the error code p1110.

I checked on some websites and I found that the probable causes are the boost control valve, the boost control solenoid, or the hoses attached to either part. (that is just my interpretation from the other forums I have been on)

So far I have done the following (please refer to the image)

Name:  enginebay_after.jpg
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I checked the boost control valve (in blue) by removing the hose (in green) and attaching my own rubber vacuum hose. Then I proceeded to create a vacuum within the hose and it stayed as a vacuum until I released the end of the hose I was holding.

I have found and examined the boost control solenoid (in red) but have no idea what kind of damage or discrepancies I am looking for.

I do plan on replacing the hose that runs between them with a silicone one, as I read that this was a potential cause of my problem.

I have no idea how to proceed should the hose not be the issue, which it possibly isn't.

How much damage would I be doing to my car if I kept driving it in the state?
How do you test if the solenoid is broken?
How much money and effort would it take to replace it myself?
Would you please provide a diagram or instructions on how to do such a thing?

a prompt response would be extremely appreciated, thanks in advance to any help at all!

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Did you ever figure it out , I have same arror code on my 2.3 saab 95 2001 , just looking for information . Thanks

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