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Radiator Removal

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Radiator Removal

I am new to the forums and I did not see a post yet about radiator replacement. I have a 1999 93 turbo and I am almost finished replacing the radiator. I am having some problems getting the actual radiator out. I have the fan shroud off. The A/C is unbolted and all the hoses are disconnected. Radiator still won't budge on the driver side. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Josh

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RE: Radiator Removal

hi hope this helps
Removal and Installation Instructions for Saab 900-93 Radiators

Remove the Intercooler

Remove the grille

Remove the oil cooler (certain cars) and hang it so the hoses are not bent

Remove the AC condenser from the radiator

Disconnect and remove the battery

Drain the coolant. Remove the lid on the expansion tank to speed up the draining

Remove the bypass hose together with the intake hose on Turbo Cars

Remove the upper radiator hoses from the radiator

Remove the radiator fan's electrical connections

Remove the servo pump's oil pipe and the Radiator breather hose clips & turn oil hose to one side

Remove the 2 screws on the fan Shroud

Remove the transmission oil pipes by the oil cooler & the screw holding pipe to radiator

Remove the lower radiator hose, remove clamps which hold the radiator to cross member and pull up the radiator from the rubber mountings so that the clip for the A/C compressor's cable can be undone.

Lift out the radiator. Refit in Reverse

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