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New turbo and used engine filter box installed

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New turbo and used engine filter box installed

Hi!everyone I have a Saab story of the finest cars I driven.purchased my 2000 Saab over one year. engine light was on when bought ,had it scanned at AutoZone and only problem was eng.coil cassette(replaced)no engine lights on!got inspection no problem..was driving 3 months ago and a raccoon ran across road and went under my Saab(front)I couldn't I heard a small thump ,drove home looked under front and engine filter box was broken and filter was half way exposed.i drove this way for about 3 weeks until I found a used filter was raining the day I drove to pick up filter box and was thinking I hope water dosent go through filter and ruin anything.will you guessed it,i got halfway home in city close to where I live and I saw smoke blowing from rear of my car pass, thought car was on fire,so I pulled over and saw smoke coming from exhaust,so I drove home with Saab loading up and trying to shut off.looked on YouTube(why is car smoking?saw video with same problem,so ordered turbo from e-bay,had both installed,went to pick up car ,paid mechanic ,started car idled good,left idle for awhile,started driving for about a mile started up a grade and Saab lost power and started bucking and shut of,with engine and transmission icon on started again and only could go speed of 30 mph,so it is sitting in driveway right now this way...end of "sob"😂story(anybody)have any solution besides shedding a tear?Thanks

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